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Funky Load shedding relay?


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Got a weird one today that kinda reminded me of one of my old K-bikes that had a flakey ignition switch;


I turned on the ignition switch, thumbed the starter, and everything, including the GPS which is wired directly to the battery, went dead. I popped the bike of the center stand, thumbed the starter and everything was normal. Happened again later, and putting the side stand down, then retracting it set everything back normal again. I think both times it was just enough jolt to not whatever was sticking free.


Wires are tight. Could be battery, but it starts way too strongly after 2 seconds of everything being dead.



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Bad battery connection or a battery that has gone south. Clearly, if the GPS that was wired DIRECTLY to the battery, also died, this problem has nothing to do with any relay, or any other part of the bike.


Years ago I had a Mini (the original Mini). Sometimes, when I hit the starter, everthing died. I just whacked the battery terminal clamps, or if I was feeling really ambitious, I would get a wrench and tighten them, and everthing worked again.

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