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Marty Hill

My gunny trip.

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Marty Hill

After visiting Kathy R in chi-town I took back roads to blakesburg, Iowa. Visited the antique airplane museum. Used to fly there in open cockpit DH Tiger Moth. From there on to KC. Hot as ...., but great to visit an old buddy and eat his wifes great cooking. Took the small road to wichita and stayed at the airport. In the am stopped for gas where I tripped over David Baker and 2 of his friends. Fell in behind them for some hours at 90-95 mph. After a bit of rest and water I fell back as they picked up the pace. Spent the night in pueblo. Early sunday I started up the hill. Saw an rt coming up behind. We both stopped and I said hi to Paul M. (old fart). Watched him slide ahead till he was out of sight. Can that man ride!!! Hit the hotel at noon. Room not ready. Went for a 200 mile ride. Began meeting everyone upon my return. What a blast to meet the guys from all over. Some are larger than life. Big Mac/daryll/wurty/M. Cortes come to mind. At least they look big to a little guy like me. Finally met glenno and began trading insults for the next 3 days. Had dinner with Brian M and the texas group. Enjoyed breakfast with Burton B. Enjoyed usaf1/doc 47/old rider and others from the far n'west. Don't want to list all the names but I have the following to state. Having been to the east and west un-rallys I can truly say that this is the greatest bunch of guys/gals I have ever met. This is the most fun I have ever had while riding. Made a bunch of friends and hope to see all of you again as I continue my trip around the country. On the way out I bumped into glenno/fernando and friends. Dropped in with them. Forgot to cx my turn sig. and will forever be reminded about it. Everyone was making all kind of gestures, none of which did I understand. Thats what happens when you always ride alone. Guess I need an frs. Broke away at green river and headed into salt lake. Must have been about the same time as old rider and others but did not see them. After 2 weeks of taking care of things in atlanta I will head up thru tetons/yellowstone/glacier and then on to seattle/kenniwick/portland in the next leg.


Looking forward to more great memories with all of you.

Please add my thanks to all the guys that put it together.

Yes, I felt the love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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