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Big Bend in October


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I posted a link to my gallery on smugmug of a west Texas trip my son and I took in October in the thread of beemerchef's excellent ongoing saga. I thought I should start a new thread to point to that photo gallery and get some comments and reactions.


I bought my R1200RT in August of this year from the BMW dealer here in Colorado Springs partly out of a desire to get back on two wheels and partly because my son, who lives in Austin, had purchased an RT and raved about what a great bike it was.


Once I purchased mine, my son drove up and we went on a couple of cool day trips here in Colorado (also documented in galleries on smugmug). That stimulated my desire for an extended journey. Given the opportunity to couple a motorcycle adventure with a backpacking adventure was too tempting so in early October I headed to Austin for the longest motorcycle journey of my life (so far grin.gif). The smugmug gallery starts with our exit from Austin and ends as we travel back from a week on the road and on the trail.


Big Bend and west Texas trip: http://codougd.smugmug.com/gallery/3814921#220616387


Colorado trips:



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I like these.....(Hope ya don't mind)


A lot of people don't know how beautiful Big Bend is....it reminds me of Death Valley.










I guess they were wait for a deer to get hit??








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What a great reminder of how beautiful the 'Bend is in fall. My parents retired to Marathon and I have been there many times.


Thanks for sharing your trip.

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Great report!


I've been to Big Bend oh, 30+ times now (600+ miles from Houston). thumbsup.gif A truly special place. I've backpacked up to the South Rim many times too. Its the most beautiful spot in Texas, with views that rival the Grand Canyon. I love how isolated it is, and how most people have never heard of it, much less visited. We should keep it our little secret.


Ok, BMW riders can visit it too. But don't tell anyone please! grin.gif


take care.. Allen

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