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Garmin 2720 vs 2610


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Wow, lots of interest in GPS as of late! Santa must be looking for ideas! grin.gif


Can only comment on the 2610, which I did here




Scroll down for my $0.02 (novel). Readers Digest version is that I love it. It's relatively cheap, is capable of more than I'll ever want it to do, and it's not frilly. Did I mention I love it? tongue.gif

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I've use both for over 2 years. 2720 does better in sunlight/is a bit faster/is preloaded with all of N. America. Lack some ability to set tabs as you wish. Have the edge in some other settings. Track either normal or 3D. Can store a small bit of other maps as well.


2610 will hold all of europe in a 2nd 2 gig card if you wish. That is after you load N. America in the first 2 gig card. The side tabs can be set as you like and are transparent. Costs about 1/2 and will get you there.


If you have the extra bux pop for the 2720.


Now that I have the zumo which also holds the 2 gig card I sold the 2610 and keep the 2720 in my car.

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