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Alaska Highway, The bridge from hell

Keith S

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There are several metal deck bridges along the Alaska Highway, the Bridge at Teslin really caught my attention. It is 584 meters/ 1,917 feet long and when you are about half way through it you will wonder if it will ever end. There is a metal deck bridge just outside of Fort St Johns on the Alaska Highway and it is probably of similar length but the Teslin Bridge will take your breath away. There are signs before the Teslin bridge warning motorcycles and the speed even for cars is reduced (though they do not obey the speed limit). If anybody has a photo of this sign please post it.


What you will notice is that the grating sections do not line up and the flat iron on its side is wavy. This makes for an interesting experience!


Had to show one "poser" shot



This is a shot from the south side



This is a shot from the north taken on my way back down.



Took this one to give you a feeling of the length.



This one shows the sections don't match up and the metal is wavy.



The dual-purpose riders didn't seem to mind this bridge but I have to tell ya, with fully inflated street tires this bridge earns my respect!



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Nice shots, but growing up in Seattle where the grated deck bridges are just so common I never gave the ones in Alaska much thought....steady on the throttle (higher speeds are actually better) and keep off the brakes....they are anything but fun in the wet....

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Done that bridge this summer and was warned by a few locals about it's surface condition. I had no traffic crossing it so I was fine weaving all over.... grin.gif

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Nice pics.

Wouldn't want the cockroach that belongs to those antennae to get me. tongue.gif



Wow! Good eyes eek.gif


This is the famous "Northern Yukon Hissing cockroach




The antenna are shed every spring grin.gifgrin.gif



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We have bridges like this on the East Coast. The trick is to let the bike tires "skate" along the grooves seeking their own course and maintain a moderate steady speed. The effect is almost like off-road riding.

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I have been across the bridge at Fort St John,and when 300 riders crossed it during the Thunder Run held on the July long weekend,it did scare a few people.

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