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Intro - and resources for pricing a classic?


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Hello all,


I've been a BMW owner for over twenty years, starting with a '53 R67/2 that I bought from dad for $1 when visiting him in San Francisco. I crated it up sent it to my home in BC, Canada, where over the next few years (between getting married and raising two kids!) I restored it back into ridable condition. After paying the 7 cents tax on the one dollar sale price lmao.gif, I got collectors plates for it, and enjoyed many years of puttering around the area.




Fast forward a few years, to 2006, and I entered a contest at the Vancouver International Motorcycle Show, and won a week long all expense paid motorcycle trip around BC (funny story, too, the first two 'winners' didn't have a motorcycle license, required in Canada, so my name got drawn!). I was lent an '02 K1200LT for the trip, and my wife and I loved it. So, decided to buy a touring bike, something we could do small trips on here and there, but was also fun to drive solo. Popped across the border last month to Seattle and picked up my '02 R1150RT. Great bike.




Now it's time to think about selling 'Black Bart', as much as I hate to, but don't have the room for two bikes, and the plan was to use it to pay for the RT that I'll get more use out of. How would I go about finding out what it's worth? It's certainly not in showroom condition, but runs fine, and is all original (matching frame and engine serials) with the exception of the front fender. Don't know where that came from, was on it when I got it!


Great board everyone has put together here, glad to be a part. Lots of useful info!





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Wow selling the /2! tongue.gif


I went through that phase once with my /2 and I don't even drink!

Prices can be all over the board.

Pick up a Walneck's Classic Cycle Trader or visit the website. Throw a dart and pick a number.


If it sells quick you were too low. Doesn't sell... good, keep it! Bikes are small they don't take up any room really.

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