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No matter where you're coming to Gunnison from, it looks like you're going to fry on your way there. It's summer and even so, temps are up above normal in most places.


Take water with you. Drink it liberally when the thought occurs, NOT just when you get thirsty. As someone pointed out, by the time you feel thirst, it's too late, you're already dehydrating.


Stop and rest. It's not a race. Gunnison will still be there if you end up 4 hours late. Find shade. Find air conditioning. And don't forget to cool your body off to bring your temperature down. A good hosing off of the head and upper torso at a gas station helps a lot. And again, do it BEFORE you think you need it. It's all about prevention and staying AHEAD of what the heat wants to do to your body and brain.


Ride safe. Ride smart. Ride cool. Getting to Gunnison is not life and death. Don't make it that way.


My best to you all and if we don't see you there, PLEASE let us see you back on the BBS.



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And don't hesitate to get off the road, especially in the afternoon when the sun is hottest. I'm not able to make Gunnison, but looking at the weather maps, I can see that if I were going, I'd be doing a lot of napping between 2pm and 6pm, and a lot of early morning riding and a lot of riding after 6-7pm. That sun and summer heat out there in the Plains is SERIOUS business ...



Chris (aka Tender Vittles),

Little KZ400 in the Big Apple

Black Boxer RT for Everywhere Else, such as...color=green>


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I'm pouring water on Jake. He's pouring it on Tom. He's pouring it on Bud and he's pouring it on me. We'll keep an eye on one another. Not to worry.





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re: "Ride safe. Ride smart. Ride cool"


Wise words from FB ! I've been on the road for about

a week now taking the Long Way to Gunninson from Seattle-ville via Glacier NP / Little Big Horn MT / Yellowstone and have found temps in the 80's are great, 90's OK, 100's = Listen to whut FB is saying !


I'm in West Yellowstone tonite plotting to hit the road south and (hopefully) see Gunninson by Sunday

PM smile.gif


PS vis a vis hot temps: Gawd bless Joseph Rocket and his fine invention the Phoenix jacket ! wink.gif


PPS don't forget to slow down for small towns "see attached photo" (this guy was a gent though and

let me off with a warning)



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