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Florida 2/8-2/12


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Still in the early planning stages, but it looks like I may be in Florida 2/8-2/12. Flying into West Palm Beach and staying in the general area of Boynton Beach.


Couple of questions:

Anybody live in that area?

What's the weather like in February?

If the answer to previous question is anything but "stormy" - Any bike rental places in the area?

And, finally, who wants to ride? wave.gif


Thanks in advance.

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feburary is the coldest month, probably no frost in the palm beaches. there is a little more traffic there, but it will be nice. i live 2 hours north of palm beach.

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I'll probably be in the miami area at that time. Have no idea about rentals. Wx should be nice/compared to kc, it will be wonderful. grin.gif

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pedro cerveza

The Harley dealer in Pompano Beach FL has rentals. Pompano is about 35 minutes south of West Palm. PM me if you want me to get their number for you.

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