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R1200S Luggage


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Has anyone with an R1200s fitted the BMW panniers which are designed for this bike?. Panniers are expandable and are similar in design/appearance to the ones used on the 800ST and new K1200sport. There is also a tank bag available together with a tail bag.

Just wondering how this bike stacks up in distance/touring mode.

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Thanks John but I am trying to get a more specific response in respect of how the luggage works ON the R1200S. The luggage is specific to the bike sold as part of the extras package and I was hoping to get an idea of how the package works in respect of handling/neatness etc. I dont have too much of a problem about capacities or performance of the individual items. It is just that in appearance they are similar to those on 800ST.



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I currently have an ST and I understand the diffrence between the S and the ST having ridden both. cool.gif I am now at the stage where most of my riding is going to be 1 up(no passenger). thumbsup.gif I do not like the sit up position of an RT smirk.gif as I want to retain a Sports bias smile.gif but to have the ability of attaching luggage as required. I am looking at my options for change from ST and I can get a good trade against the R1200S with latest ABS, Olins and all the other usual extras. The S has a slicker gearbox, more powerful engine(lighter weight), dare I say better handling and I enjoyed riding it. The only real disadvantage is dropping to a 17ltr tank from 21 ltrs on ST.(I do still - for the moment - have an option on 07ST)

All I am trying to discover is, is there anyone out there who has bought and used the panniers. Maybe I could be the first! wave.gif

Us sports tourers area misunderstood bunch who dont want a touring bike to sport about on at the weekends with all the plastic. Thats not denying that for some people the RT satisfys the "sports" need.


I have probably walked myself into a whole lot of trouble with this reply grin.gif but I am sure someone out there knows where I am coming from wink.gif- I only put the panniers on when I need to carry luggage and not as a helmet store. My tank bag will cope with puncture gear waterproofs etc.

Do I still have any friends out there lmao.gif

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I think the problem is no one really has much experience with what you are talkign about.


I, myself, went through this exact same decision-makign process. If I could have had the R1200S with the option of mounting the R1200R/RT/ST system bags I would have bought a beautiful yellow S that my dealership had. But the difference in the engines is not that much, nor is the weight that different to the ST. Unfortunately I did not have the option of new ST in the country, so I had to buy sight-unseen and ship a used one from 3000miles away.


I am very very very glad I did. This is a very sporting machine, and the ergos are slightly more relaxed than the S, but a lot more agressive than the RT. Unless you are a serious track rider I doubt you would ever be disappointed with the sporting performance of the ST. Admittedly the S is a slick machine, but the shared parts and luggage of the ST to the other R bikes tips the advantage that way, IMHO.


Have fun deciding!



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I have owned my ST since June 05. Have toured with it and sported it around our nice little roads here in Ireland thumbsup.gif and may well end up holding on to it and spending money on some extras.


The luggage for the S is specific to it and I am hoping to find the one and only person out there(if he/she exists)who may have put it on an S. wave.gif


Just need to put the basic querey to bed.


My good wife recently told me that she will only pillion on my Z1300 Kwak, nice comfy and large seat + she has feet legs on the lower pegs and she likes the smoothness. We have been biking since mid 70's and the 1300 remains her favourite.


I'll leave the S querey sit for a day or two to see if maybe there is someone out there touring on one right now and hasent seen my querey yet clap.gif

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I looked at the side bags and think they detract from the look of the bike. You have to mount some permanent hardware and I didn't want to do it. I think the bike looks OK with the bags on but with them off was my concern. The tank bag is good size and with a large tail bag you should be able to carry as much gear.

I even have a small laptop in the tail bag in this shot. IMG_1240.JPG

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Many thanks for your reply good to see there is someone out there packing some luggage on the S!! thumbsup.gif

My dealer tells me the hardware for the panniers is similar to that used on the 800ST but that it tucks in tighter under the bodywork of the S.

Also I would be leaving off passenger foot pegs and using "pillion hump" instead of seat to take the tail bag.

What sort of distances have you put up in one sitting?

Whilst I am happy with my ST I think the S might be an interesting option for one up riding because of some of its refinements + seems there could be good deals going on the S off dealers floors as opposed to special orders from factory.

Would be interested in your thoughts


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I have only 1000 miles on it(notice temp tag on rear). I did that over about three days or so. I had an LT for a year and only put 2400 miles on it, just never really enjoyed it and had other choices in the garage.

This bike is the real deal, and in my mind, is more fun than the GT, RT or the R. I have had them all and this is the one that will always be in my possession along with a 1982 R bike.

I also have the hump to replace the seat but used the seat to prevent damage while carrying the tail bag.

My only problem with the bags, as I said were the hard parts that I did not care for. The look with the bags on is very nice, just didn't want extra hardware(track days?). You'll enjoy it either way I am sure!

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Thats the sort of reply I was hoping for thumbsup.gif

I wont be doing too much in the way of track days to worry about hardware so the fact that the bags look neat on the bike is a positive.

Thanks again for the input smile.gif

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Hi Michael

Have researched luggage issue further and results look good. Was at recent show in UK and there was a 1200S with luggage rack. I got BM sales guy to fit a pannier which seems to be same as K1200S and 800ST + others. Have tried to attach some photos.




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yup those are the right bags....



so are you going to make the jump? the issue for us older guys is that the r12s came only with low installed handle bars, making it a very sporting setup, the slightly more upright bars on the r11s or r12st are comfortable for 1000mi days thumbsup.gif

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Yes very tempted. Going back to dealer to see how the figures stack up that will be the decider. I am not unhappy with the ST quite the opposite, its just at the moment there are some very good deals to clear 1200S 2007 models off the floor. I would be getting quite a few bits on the S that I would probably end up putting on the ST in due course - exhaust, suspension added to what is a nicer motor and in my opinion more focused handling + new 08 registered bike with 2 year warranty. (we cant get extended warranty at any price)

If it doesent work out I will not be too disappointed still plenty to do with St.


I also am comfortable with riding positions. Only down sides with S will be 4 litres less fuel capacity, and probably biggest item - as it rains a lot here- is not having the lower fairing half - the ST definitely keeps a lot of the wet stuff away from legs and hands!!

Oh and no main stand!

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Can't tell you about riding in the rain?? It rarely does here. After a few days more on the S I have to say it is the best all around motorcycle I have ever ridden. I will be keeping it forever.

I have a CBR1KRR which is crazy fast and handles quite nicely but this S is the first motorcycle I have ever felt was the complete package. It amazes me daily!

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