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Rough idling


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I have a 2006 R1200 RT with 3,000 miles and a Remus exhaust muffler. The bike seems a little rough during idling when compared with friends' R1100 and R1150's. It's a little smoother when the engine has warmed up, but not perfect. Is this normal and if not, what to do? The dealer says it's okay.

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I was going to ask if the throttle bodies had ever been synched, then recalled that on the new hexheads you only do that at higher engine speeds. The bike has stepper motors, so you don't adjust TB sync at idle on the hexheads. What maintenance has the bike had in its 3,000 miles?

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First just look at the throttle body on the left side and see if the vac hose from the purge has come off. BMW do not put any clamps on this hose and they come off.

I have the same bike and exhaust and mine came off. I installed a vac hose clamp on it.

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Had the dealer 600 mile service which included oil/oil filter change. They did not change final drive oil; do you think that's a problem?


The maintenance schedule has been amended, through a service bulletin I believe, to add a change of FD fluid at the running-in check (aka the 600 mile service). I'd have it done. The fluid, as per BMW spec, is 75W90 super synthetic gear oil. I only mention this because it would seem that some BMW dealers don't know this and have been putting in other than what BMW specifies -- in the maintenance CD, and also in a 2005 BMW USA service bulletin relating to final drives in R1200GS's. Here's the exact quote from the service bulletin: "When filling the rear drive assembly with oil, pour in the defined quantity (0.25 l for initial fill, or 0.23 l for oil changes) through the bore for the ABS sensor. We highly recommend using BMW Super Synthetic Gear oil. 75W 90, P/N 07 51 0 394 082."

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Is it the full Remus system or just the slip-on? With just the slip-on it'll be rough. When you change it to the full system it'll be much smoother. thumbsup.gif

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Only REQUIRED per the factory on the 2007 and later service.

Most folks are recommending it for the earlier(05 and 06)model hexheads too!


In addition,lots of folks are going to 12,000 mile FD oil changes as part of their maintainence schedule.


My 05 GS FD failed at 30K miles,fortunately warranty took care of it.

I changed the fluid on the new FD at 600 or so miles and will likely change again between 3K-6K miles,then do the 12K change from then on.



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