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Broken Hill AUS. Continued...


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Going to Broken Hill CONTINUED & why not



Miners Cottage & motorcycle



View from the Umberaberkera Reservior



Can you spot the dust storms on the horizon (very big Willy Willies)



Can you spot the Camels?



Can you spot the road on fire? (Less bike friendly than a muddy road)



View overlooking Broken Hill.


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Arbee’s Second Annual 3 State blink and you’ll miss it trip has been completed


First night at Wentworth, NSW, 550 kms


The Hotel carpark was full of cars and campervans…this looks bad I thought!


After enquiring about a room at the reception which looked doubtful, we were told more

than one was available, Yahoo, the Boot Scooting championships spectacular was being held

right there at the Servicemans Club next door and we must have got a cancellation room.


Second night at Broken Hill NSW around 300km’s through some most amazing desolate country

Where the only thing you could see to the horizon was the heat haze with no mirages we had too

much water for that and weren’t delirious.


The Coombah Roadhouse was a welcome sight and the service was great, despite some opinions

otherwise, Old Charlie has gone & sold up.


Woke up the next morning with a lake, and a leak, of petrol under the reliable dependable BMW

After knowing exactly what it was, the breather hose internal tank clips are not meant to be re-usable

Normal screw clips will not fit (good German design) I found after removing the tank that the hose had stretched due to constant contact with petrol allowing a drip of petrol every 10 seconds, I cut the hose & refitted the old clip again, holding my breath & crossing my fingers (since replaced at home with a normal modified screw type one), why couldn’t BMW do that.



Third night was at Orroroo S.A. near Hawker around 400km’s


We passed through Horrocks Pass near Wilmington with spectacular scenery

and sheep with shorter legs on one side due to the steepness of the terrain

Orroroo, a great place to stay a very quiet caravan park and good food at the pub we were

the only ones there in the lounge.


Fourth night at Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula

Temperature went from 35c at Port Augusta to 23c in about 2 hours riding.

Stayed at the Blue Seas Motel which was across the road from the only seafood outlet which was open

The Fishermans basket was great for $8, my guess Port Lincoln is a windy place, most times.


The decision to go to Streaky Bay was replaced by the thought of heading back to Cowell and going on the new Ferry crossing the Spencer Gulf and getting off at Wallaroo $115 for two people and two bikes on the ferry, only trouble 11km’s of rough dirt road to get to the ferry…


Where upon arrival we rode to Port Wakefield with no accomodation and then headed to the next town

25 km’s away, Balaklava, which could be South Australia’s answer to Victoria’s Moe. Only 240 km’s that day but it was good for a change.


Next day we stopped Ouyen where this isn’t much choice in accomodation as Sea Lake 80kms away doesn’t have much either around 480km’s that day.


Next day home…around 500km’s


Great trip, Next year we go again…


My tyre Bridgestone BT020 has flat spotted but Moira’s tyre after 4500km’s is still round


Michelin Pilot Roads 2CT may be my next tyre.


Footnote : If you want service at the Ouyen Hotel... you have to ring the bell, no ring, no service......

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