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Cost for 48k service - 1150RT


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I just dropeed my bike off for above, and was quoted $850. Last year, the 36K service was about $500. Does this make any sense?
Why ask us? If you are spending that much money don't you have the right to know what is being done?
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Just a thought...try to learn to do it yourself, save a ton of $$$, get the satisfaction of knowing yod did it, and it was done correctly. I am not a mechanic, and I learned how to do the service with the help of this (and the MOA) board. It really is not too hard. clap.gif

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Brake and clutch bleeding, which are normally part of the annual service, includes different steps in alternate years. The brake-control-circuit and the clutch are bled only every two years. It's hard to see how that difference could amount to $350, though.


Otherwise, there's not a lot that can vary between one 12k service and the next. Here's the official list of service tasks:


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Silver Surfer/AKAButters

That's right in line with the $366. I was quoted fot a brake line replacement.


Learn to do it yourself, or expect to pay premium prices for maintnenance and repairss. It is rather easy using the tremendous resources available here and at other sites. thumbsup.gif

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You are not too far from us in CT. SAMSAR will probably have a Spring tech day. There usually is quite a few people with the tools, knowledge and willigness to teach/help. I would suggest you take the time between now and then to read what is involved in doing the service and then attend the tech day.



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Does this make any sense?

I assume that is a rhetorical question. That is the cost of a low-end laptop computer or a 40" 720P LCD TV, so no it doesn't make sense.


However, that is what it costs for parts and labor ($110/hour at my dealer) for a 48K service on an oilhead. Actually, I think my recent 48K service was a little more than that. Does your quoted price include an ABS flush?


As others have suggested, you can learn to do it yourself. How much is your time worth?


Motorcycle Consumer News shows common maintenance costs as part of their road tests. The latest issue has a "cost of ownership" feature using several sport bikes for comparison. Unfortunately, no BMWs. I'd like to see manufacturers tell their engineers to consider ease of maintenance and service intervals right along with peak horsepower in the design of their bikes. I won't hold my breath.

peter '73 R75/5, '04 R1150RA

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