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Windshield part numbers?

Joe Frickin' Friday

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Joe Frickin' Friday

It's a long story, but over time I've acquired no less than four spare windshields for my bike.


Except, as it turns out, two or three of them are not actually for my bike.


One is an Aeroflow, so we'll leave that one out of consideration for the moment. The remaining three are genuine BMW parts, but they are stamped with a couple of different part numbers.


One of them bears the number 46 63 2 313 658. Per Max BMW and Chicago BMW, this checks out as the windshield for my R1100RT.


The other two bear the number 46 63 7 660 156. Neither Max nor Chicago recognizes this as a valid part number. confused.gif As I learned some time ago, these ones have a slightly different bolt pattern and will not actually fit on my R1100RT. I would guess this means these windshields only fit on an 1150RT. But Max BMW says the PN for an 1150RT windshield is 46 63 7 660 160.


Anyone know what these windshields will fit?????

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