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Bling Lights (HID)


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New to the forum, tried a search on topic, but couldn't find, so please excuse me if there has been a thread on this before!

Saw a company called Bling Lights (www.blinglights.com) advertising an HID conversion for single or twin lamp headlights.As i am coming of age, I welcome all the light I can get, therefore interested. When contacting them I got I reply signed by Jason offering free shipment to Norway if I bought from him. I tried to enquire if the lamps would fit the Beemer socket (H3, I believe?) but got no answer.

Anyone know the product and/or the company?

Use private mail if you don't want the info public.

Having said all that, good to be posting on a forum with seems to be open minded and perhaps not quite as fanatic as some I've come across... wink.gif

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Welcome to the forum. What a great country for motorcycling Norway is. Lots of mountains, great roads, and not so many cars. You're very fortunate.


As for HID conversions, there are quite a few threads here, but I don't know if any reported the brand you describe. Here's a post I made showing photos of the installation of the very cheap cqlights.ca HID conversion. The cqlight product is cheap, and I'm not sure if the connectors are very reliable or waterproof, but the light works great.

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