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Does pulling a trailer void the BMW warrantee?


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wave.gifWe are considering getting a small trailer, akin to the Uni-Go.


When mentioning this to another rider, he cautioned us that pulling a trailer might void our warrantee... bncry.gif


Does anyone out there have any feed back along this line?


-Bob & Dianne- lurker.gif

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Voiding the warranty on the whole bike no matter what goes wrong, NO. On the drive train you might have a claim denied if it is decided that the trailer could have contributed to the failure. Also, let's say that the rear subframe were to break. The cause could be the extra stress caused by the trailer. I believe that a claim would be denied on the rear subframe at that time.

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Read your warranty.

There is a clause about a change or addition to the bike that is outside the design and leads to a failure/problem.

It could be argued that the addition of a trailer and the changes that result from pulling one led to failure X, that could lead to a problem not being covered by warranty.

Not to be flippant, if you want a definitive response, send a written request to BMWNA, they provide the warranty coverage.

Depending on the particular claim, pulling a trailer may have little, nothing, or everything to do with the issue.

My warranty is void if the bike is used in a "competition".

Some might argue the the Iron Butt Rally is a form of competition and claims resulting from participation are not covered by the warranty.

Good luck.

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