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Fuel sender.


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Read elsewhere here that '96 1100RT has two sender units in tank. The tube with float works the fuel qty section of RID and the arm with float controls the fuel low level light. Does anyone know what the two wiper sections on the arm do. Currently have pump out of tank and metered the wiper sections while moving the arm. Seems very complex setup to turn on the low fuel light. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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Joe Frickin' Friday

You're right about the division of tasks between the two devices: the long tube senses fuel levels ranging from full to "dammit, I'm out of gas," and the float-arm only triggers the low-fuel-warning light. As to how the float-arm works, or why they picked something that complicated, I'd guess it's an off-the-shelf level sensor, or one adapted from some other fuel tank, and therefore (despite its apparent complexity) cheaper than designing a simple all-new low-fuel switch.

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On some of the R models, the "arm" sensor is the only sensor used, thus the two sections, one for low fuel and the other as a level indicator. In the RT, with the second sensing unit, the "arm" sensor level indicator circuit is not used.

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