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Spark Plug


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I did a quick search but didn't see this topic (though I know it has been covered).


What are my options for pulgs on a 2004 twin spark?


Current have a NKG R BKR7EKC on the side and a Bosch super R6 underneath....hopefully I will find the same ones locally but just in case..


Also, I don't want to change heat range or anything (they look great to me) just don't want to go to the dealer 60 miles away either...



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Look in the first topic in this section, there are all sorts of alternative plugs shown. If you still don't find what you need, any auto parts store will be able to cross reference the plugs you are using now.

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I had no problem getting the primary plug from Advance Auto. It was a special order, but they have a truck come in daily so I had them by 11am the next day (even on a Sunday). They did not carry the Bosch secondary, and at $11.90 at the dealer, I decided to order the NGK that cross referenced ($6.96 for the Iridium plug). I did go one heat range hotter since my secondary was looking oil fouled, and from extensive research, it seems a lot of folks see that on the bottom plug, with many going to the slightly hotter plug. I did a full 12K when I made the switch (1500 miles ago), and the bike has never run better, but that may be because I'm finally getting close to the end of my break in.

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