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1100rt Linkage mishap


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Please bare in mind that I am not mechanical.. So please excuse my description of what happened.


While I was out on a ride today.. Shifted to 1st gear.. When I tried to shift to 2nd the shifter would not go into gear.. And when it did it kept popping out.. Tried again, same thing... Then I finally got it 2nd , then 3rd.. Stopped at a local gas station where bikers usually get together.. Had one of the guys take a look.. Apparently it was my linkage.. Was just barley hanging on, and the guy wrenched it back on.. He thought it was stripped all the way.. But said there was at least 3 grooves to screw back in.. Pooped on center stand ,, low and behold.. I was able to shift with no problem.


Question? Is this common? Should I replace the part?


Thank you

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