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Preferred satelite receiver?


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After playing with various Delphi products, I've settled in with the Garmin GXM-30 and whatever GPS I happen to have at the time that supports it.


I got tired of fooling with trying to weather proof the Delphi units, or convert the bike's 12V power to the 6V that the Delphi units required. Since I've switched to the Garmin receiver, life has been much simplier in that department.

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There are 2 different sat companies. Both with unique receivers.

You just got a answer from a XM user. Is that what you want... or maybe be a bit more specific. It saves bandwith to be concise.

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Sorry. I am open to either XM or Sirius. I saw the one that Cyclegadgets sells that has the internal amp with volume control. I was looking at the XM's with the nice color screens but did not know how the display would be in the sunlight. Thanks for the replies

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I have a Skyfi which I have had on two different bikes for 4 years now.

Flawless in its performance (XM)

prior I went through numerous roadies (piece of junk imho)

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I've actually had good luck with my roady, going on 2 years and no problems. Before that I used the Delphi for over two years, it was a great unit and was still working on the bike I let it go with. If and when the Roady ever fails I'll probably go back to the Delphi only get the new and improved Delphi II.

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+1 on the Skyfi. Attach a Ram ball mount to a brake reservoir. Purchase a nice cradle for the Skyfi and the batteries are good and rechargeable for about 3 hours. I have a 2nd battery and recharge on the fly with a cigarette adaptor (I have a 1200 RT with outlets). Once your ride is over, take the Skyfi out of the cradle and put a headset on and you can bicycle with it or hike or just shut out the world while you're puttering around. Great product!


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My choice is still the 2730.

One unit to mount.


XM radio


Audio books

Can be used in other vehicles, can transmit XM signal to FM radios in cars

Less clutter with one device.



Bright light display fair, needs shade cover (make it from plastic for .02

Not designed as a portable unit for use off the bike

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Another vote for the Inno. I use mine on the bike in the car at home, and I use it with the headphones for walks with the dog. It works great. You can find some deals on ebay as well

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