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Communication Systems for RT


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I recently purchased a 2007 RT and want to add a communication system where I can add a CB, MP3, GPS and maybe a radio. The dealer sells Autocomm but I want to know if there is a similar system of good quality but less expensive? confused.gif

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I would go with Autocom. No sense messing with the cheaper systems, because you will eventually goto a Autocom. I have tried many many systems on the market, so good luck.


CB or GMRS TWO Communications?

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If you just want CB and intercom, you could go with J&M. BMW relabels their product and sells it for the RT.


My preference is the Autocom, because of the expandability and not being locked into just CB.


With the Autocom, I have both CB and GMRS/FRS available, as well as my cell phone, Valentine-1, both GPS units, and the factory RT radio all wired in. I'm able to select CB or GMRS depending on who I'm riding with and where. I tend to do CB when I'm riding alone and doing alot of interstate. GMRS works better for me when riding with groups.


There is a system called the Starcom-1 which is a less expensive variant of the Autocom. I've got friends who've gone the Starcom route and like it. There are some trade-offs between the two ... in my mind you get what you pay for, and so I've been happy with the Autocom.

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Try the new Starcom Digital, I still use the original Starcom 1and think its great. I would like to try the new digital version but the system I have got works so well, why bother with the extra cost


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