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R1200 alternator belt

Paul Mihalka

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I have not seen any recommendation from BMW when to replace the alternator belt. Did anybody have a hexhead belt failure? Anybody out there with over 40K or better 50K miles on the original belt? I don't like "lifetime" wear items. I would like to know how long a life that is.

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The alternator belt is not a "lifetime" item. The R12RT's maintenance schedule, available as a downloadable PDF file on BMW Canada's website, says this:


"12 31 657 Replacing alternator belt (during servicing)*) every 60,000 km".


The R12GS maintenance schedule, also available for download, is identical wrt the alternator belt, i.e., replace every 60,000 kms.

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Paul, no help here. My '05 was perfect when Mark picked it up at 34k. It is now past 40k. Might send him a pm. Probably change it at 36-40 since it's cheap and easy. "He says, having never done it" dopeslap.gif

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Well, according to the DVD, you're supposed to check it every 12k miles. I did that on mine and found that there was a big "bump" on it. Upon taking it off (thanks Deadboy), I found this:




So, I replaced it.


All belts stretch a bit, so I'll replace mine if

a) I find something like that on the next one - probably caused by a rock or the like.

b) I reach 36k miles on it.

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Replace every 36K per service schedule. My old one looked fine upon removal.

Be careful to get the right belt. Evidently the R1200-RT and R1200-GSA use one belt and all the other R1200 Hexheads use a different belt.

RT belt#: 12317681841

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I posted the incorrect part number above.

Thank you Billy (Lawman) for catching the error.

For the RT:

Incorrect# is 12317681841

Correct# is 12317690571

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Dealer told me to replace at 36K, we are replacing at 24K since the bike is currently in for it's annual service and 24K service. It's just easier to take the down time to do it all now than to have the bike back up there in February to do it then.

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