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K1200S footpegs


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Any one run the lowered footpegs on the K1200S? If so, do you have a clearance problem in turns? If so how agressive do you ride? I am thinking of trying these, even if I have to just install them for trips, and swap back during "normal" riding.


Background: I busted my knees a few years ago playing football in a rec league. Since then, my knees have gotten progressively worse, and since my last trip (3500 miles total, 800 miles in just the last day) I can't go but about an hour on the bike and my knees just start killing me.


I am going to the doc to see if they have any suggestions, but braces don't work and I am trying to avoid surgery at all costs. Not riding is just not an option grin.gif and I can't part with my S.


Just looking for reasonable options.

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You might try raising the seat.

I put a beaded seat cover on mine for a 600 mile ride & the 3/8"+ gain in height helped my bad knee(s) significantly.

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I have the suburban machinery pegs on my S and they are fine. I have done some pretty aggressive cornering and have never felt the asphalt on my shoes or have had the pegs touch. The company does not recommend riding on the track with the lowering kit installed, but for normal sport touring riding I have not had any problems. There is a real difference with the pegs on and you can tip toe the pegs for agressive turns and cornering. Hope this helps. Harry

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I have used the Evoluzione Peg Lowering kit for some time now. They are very easy to put on and I have noticed no issue when cornering.



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The trip was mostly slab so sliding around a bit can be a good thing.

In the twisties my butt is constantly sliding anyway smile.gif


Regardless, the point I'm trying to make is that an increase in seat height may be beneficial to you.


The first time I made this same trip, my knees hurt so bad when I finished that I didn't even look at the bike for about a week.

And that was still in the honeymoon period.

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The pegs were easy to install. The rear brake cylinder does not need to be moved significantly. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. Harry

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