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anybody got BMW SummerRain Gloves??


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I have the summer rain gloves and really like them. I'm especially enamored of rain gloves in which the lining is tacked to the fingers so that the lining doesn't pull out.


I've used them in several rains and was happy with the product.

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I agree - these gloves are super. I've worn them in all sorts of nasty weather and have always been comfortable. I now use these gloves regularly, regardless of weather.

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I wore the Summer Rain Gloves thru tropical storm rains coming home from RidingSmart a couple of weeks ago. They did a great job! Comfortable, good rain and abrasion protection, not clumsy to wear like three-finger rain covers. Best gloves I have seen for riding in the rain.

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Probably the best waterproof gloves I own. That's about 6 sets. I never leave home without them.


A set of Gerbings heated liners underneath and your good down into the low 30's with no problems. Goretex works wonders as a wind stopper as well.



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Thanks guy's, guess i'll be off to make a purchase in the morning. SummerRain Gloves it is. Hey David can't make El Paseo, But I'll be in that area "Cherohala Skyway & Blue Ridge Pkwy on Sunday 10/31. To all that attend be safe & have a great time we may see you on the road.

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I know. There's one in every crowd.


I bought a pair of the BMW summer rain gloves earlier this year and loved them through the first two or three rain events...then came the real test...several hours in serious rain...both gloves leaked like sieves. I was very disappointed, as I loved the gloves.


My selling dealer replaced them with a new pair thumbsup.gif and I'm optimistically looking forward to results like everyone above reported.

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I have had the Summer Rain Gloves for a few years and I like them confused.gif But my hands are always wet.

I did fill up a sink and put the gloves on for a test, they did not leak. I have bought some silk glove liners for a test to see if it is perspiration.

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My wife got them this year, but we haven't really tested them (as opposed to last year's West Virginia Rally/Flood). I use Aerostich triple digits and they flat out work! I had tried a pair of Joe Rocket waterproof rain gloves, but riding back home through 5 hours of rain, my hands were soaked. I sent them back and ordered the triple D's.

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Summer Rain Gloves, my hands were wet and prune like after a 2h ride in the rain in Norway, took 2 days to dry out too, not impressed frown.gif


I was wearing a pair Dainese Gortex gloves this afternoon in a down pour, they leaked too frown.gif


My Jacket, trousers and boots don’t leak, why do my gloves ALWAYS leak bncry.gif

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I bought a pair of BMW SummerRain Gloves for my SF to NYC run and back last July. They might hold up in a light rain but after up to 10 hours a day in heavy downpours at 75 to 95 mph my hands were really wet and it took hours to dry them in the hotels/motels using the hair dryers at night. They were also miserable to take off and put back on during stops. My son wore Joe Rocket gloves and his hands were dry. The reason for the 75 to 95 mph in heavy downpours for hours at a time is that was the speeds driven by the cross country truckers with triple trailers and if they passed you it was like riding under water.


What did impress me was the new Joe Rocket Ballistic 4.0 Jackets and Ballistic 4.0 Pants that we also bought for the trip. They didn't leak at all and had a real heavy outer shell and good body armor! I had bought my youngest son a Firstgear Kilimanjaro Jacket about a year ago that was waterproof but when he hit some oil and low sided on a dry freeway onramp the Kilimanjaro Jacket wore through everywhere it touched the pavement and he had quite a bit of road rash and that was with only a 15 foot slide. Up until that last trip I had usually worn leathers.

Good luck,

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I have a pair of the summer rain gloves and am very happy with them. However, I have never ridden in an extended rain, but in a short heavy shower they were fine. Also, I bought them one size large as they are also wind-proof and are my cold weather choice with the Gerbing glove liners underneath. dwillie.

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