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Guess who's been the fastest guy this week .........


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Well all good things do come to an end...next year should be a different story I suspect...


Gosh, I hope so. It's been an abysmal year for Rossi and Hayden, two of my favorites.


Oh, what am I saying...it's pretty much been an abysmal year for anyone who isn't Casey Stoner, and that includes race fans. MAN, I hope the racing is better next year. What a complete snoozefest this year has been.


I think Melandri on the Duc might give Casey a run for his money.


Here's hoping someone can. smirk.gif

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Pedrosa is on pole, but Stoner has been fastest on race tires all weekend.


I think we're in for another snoozefest, unfortunately. Rossi had a nasty crash in qualifying and broke a bone in his hand. There are rumors that he might not race at all...which would pretty much give 2nd in the points to Pedrosa. Looking at the onboard video, it looks like he lost the front, and when it regained grip, the bike started the highside war dance..eventually flipping upside down and spitting the 7-time champ off into the gravel.


I'd sure like to see someone bring it to Casey tomorrow, but it's not looking good. If anyone can do it, my money's on Melandri, but we'll see. His times haven't been all that great...I just have a hunch that if they get setup right on race day, he'll be quick.



Next year is bound to be interesting. Rossi and Lorenzo as teammates should be only slightly less entertaining than if Rossi and Biaggi were teammates. King James will be kicking Colin's butt. I'd like to see Capirossi bring the full potential of the GSV-R to the surface.


There's still rumors of Rossi running 'stones next year...which seems really stupid to have all of your (Yamaha) riders on one tire except for one. Seems that would make development much more difficult.


Personally, I'd like to see the tire rule go away, and I'd like to see Rossi and Pedrosa man up and deal with the equipment that they've got. Work with Michellin to get things back where they should be. I know Michellin had a fairly big shakeup after last year with two of their big bosses leaving, and one being killed in a boating accident. Perhaps they're still reeling from that and just need to buckle down and get focused.


2008 should also see a wildcard ride or two for Ben Spies...which should be highly entertaining. He should finally get a chance to turn some laps on the Suzuki on Monday unless the weather goes to hell again.

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"Davies is out with broken fingers, Checa will miss his last GP race with a sick stomach and Rossi needs one point to sew up second in the championship." lurker.gif

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