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Chesapeake Bay Bridge Ride II DONE! (with pictures)

Jim VonBaden

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Well, for those of you who had the chance but passed, you really missed out on a good time!


We left the restaurant a little after nine and headed out. The weather was a cool 50 degrees and sunny. Great riding. All of us had come from at least 60 miles away, and some from a hundred, just to start the ride.


W met up with Mike “Greenmanstunnel” a little down the road. Even though he had a Honda o: we accepted him into the group. He does own an RT after all grin.gif




Never ones to pass an opportunity to look at cool machines, our first stop was a car show along the way. Nice cars, and decent soy burgers!


There were a few bikes, but this Goldwing really stood out.




After a little traffic on I-64 we managed our first goal. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel.




Our first stop on the bridge just before the first tunnel.




Shane, closest, Dave-Shane’s father, Mike and Bill off in the distance.


The ride across the bridge is interesting. The seagulls hang out on the railing just inches from passing cars. The wind wasn’t bad and the temp had risen to the low 60’s. This bridge was long, nearly 15 miles total including elevated roadways and 2 tunnels.




The bridge from the other side. The seagulls were everywhere, and the breeze felt really good.




Our bikes. We never seemed to park so that we could get a good picture of all of them.




A nice picture of the sunset near the Bay Bridge.


After the stop we made a nice 80 mile run to Chincoteague Island, great food and good company.




I had a great view from my room, and the setting sun made for a great place to relax in the balcony before dinner.


Frank (Frankiebones) showed up in time for dinner so we walked over to the restaurant. It was a beautiful night and the walk felt good. The restaurant was quite busy but we were glad we waited. There was a piano bar that was all old style wood. It was a pure shame that last night was it’s last night. They are tearing it and the restaurant down to build condos, no doubt at $500K each, with a TGI Fridays taking place of the cool seafood restaurant.


We headed back to the hotel where we sat in the lobby watching Boston get crushed by NY. Drinking Jack and generally being loud and obnoxious. It was great fun! Finally we all drifted off to bed around 1AM.




The next morning we ate in the hotel and gathered around to get ourselves ready. Here Shane is trying to find the porn on Franks laptop. grin.gif


We took a ride out to Assoteague Island and had a few good photo opportunities.




Here is a picture of the famous Assoteague ponies. Beautiful marshland.




Us parking on the shifting sands. It was a beautiful morning.




This guy was enjoying the surf and sun as much as we did.




A picture of the marshland and the Assoteague Lighthouse.


We rode some nice roads, and had a great lunch at Peake’s near Salisbury. Then we headed for home. Mike had to go all the way to Richmond on his cruiser, and Shane and Dave had to head off to Laural.


Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a picture of the second Bay Bridge.


For the record we crossed 12 major bay bridges, 3 tunnels and covered over 500 miles on our two-day adventure.


I had a great time, and believe everyone else did as well.


I really enjoyed meeting Mike and hope he joins our merry band.


Jim cool.gif

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I had a great time and certainly want to thank Jim for having me along! I only wish it was spring instead of autumn, as I'm really looking forward to the next ride. I was a bit lethargic yesterday after a night of drinking, and the Honda beat me up a little when we were burning up the freeway, but hopefully we'll get the RT all fixed up next weekend so I can take that next time!

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Great pictures - looks like it was a nice time.


All I have to say for what I was doing while you guys were doing that....at least some of the grass is starting to grow, so I'm hopeful the rest will follow suit....

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