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Breaking in R1200RT

Rob F.

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The owner's manual says not to break 4000 rpm until 600 miles.


You need at least 2000 rpm, and I would say a bit more to get it moving, less and you may stall (easiest way to drop your bike). I won't run comfortably until the upper 2000's or 3000 rpm so you have a pretty narrow rpm range to work with. Keep on shifting.


Some dealers will tell you can start easing the RPMs up starting about 400 miles. I did and mine, like so many here, burns oil. My wife didn't and hers doesn't burn oil. I wouldn't chance that again.


You'll need a 600 mile service. Then start easing the rpms and acceleration up gradually over the next few hundred miles. At some point, maybe around 800 miles, I'd run it continuously at about 5000 - 5500 rpms for five or ten minutes to really loosen it up.


Enjoy your ride!



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I am pikcing up my '08 R1200RT on Saturday. Are there any tips to breaking in a new bike? Thanks.


Theres 2 kinds of opinions re. break-ins: anecdotal and "by the book". Here's my anecdotal for my 2007 R12RT's--2 of them bought 2 months apart (wife rides one of them). I broke both in exactly the same way from the start. Tried to stay at 4K or less for crusing steady but varied it as much as possible. On country roads I would do occasional full throttle accels. in 2nd gear from 2K up to around 6500 rpms, then let it decel. all the way with closed throttle. Stayed away from redline. All this was done prior to 600 miles. There are many who feel the occasional full throttle aids the break-in. Bike # 1 burns NO oil now, and never did from the start; bike #2 requires maybe 2-4 oz. every 1000 miles or so. There are those who babied their bikes and they suck the oil down but others who did same and don't burn oil. Consensus seems to be, some boxers use oil until as many as 20k miles and it's normal. But others, like mine, just barely sip it. I can only say this: I would use my method again without hesitation. Have fun! thumbsup.gif

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I am pikcing up my '08 R1200RT on Saturday. Are there any tips to breaking in a new bike? Thanks.


Which dealer are you buying the 08 from? My dealer up in NorCal can't order 08's.

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Congrats on the new bike. thumbsup.gif


I don't totally agree with 'ride it like you stole it'

But we didn't baby ours either.


First 600 miles were ALL in the twisties, either Angeles Crest or San Gabriel Canyon. RPMs were between 3,300 and 5,000. Never wide open, but running free at half throttle or a little better. The bike was constantly changing speeds.

Had the 600 mile tune up two days after picking it up... yes, we like to ride. smile.gif


Before the 6k maintanence we had expanded the upper rpm to 7,000.


The bike is miserly in the extreme regarding oil usage. clap.gif


At the end of a recent trip to Oregon (1,500 miles) the total oil replacement was almost nonexistant.


The RT is very happy carving the curves. You'll love yours, I'm sure.


We live close by, often have lunch at one of the outlooks over the ocean on Palos Verde.

Would be glad to stop by and chat if you like.

PM us if you are interested. wave.gif

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I read somewhere in BMW literature that DECEL is important as ACCEL during breakin. As another contributor wrote, I ran my '05 up to 6k RPM in 2nd or 3rd and then closed the throttle until it got down to idle. I've had no problems whatsoever with performance or oil burning since.

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Funk - Congratulations! Enjoy your new ride.


My earlier post regarding "Ride it like you stole it" was anecdotal. Just wanted to illustrate that engine break it is like religion, no one can agree. Follow the recommendations of Joe, Terry or Tom. Irv has excellent master mechanics. thumbsup.gif

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I just took my '08 R1200RT for its first ride today. My previous ride was a 1998 R1100RT (which is now for sale), and I am thrilled with this '08. I bought an '07 ST1300 because the price of the BMW's are going to mars. I rode it for about 500 miles and decided it was not for me. I am happy to elaborate on my impressions if anyone is interested. So, I bit the bullet (or dropped the coin) and got the new RT. I think I knew all along that was going to be best move for me. I am really hooked on that platform.


For breaking in, I am just not going to sweat it. The only thing that I am not doing is fast starts, extended highway riding at steady RPM and not bringing it above 5 or 6k RPM until I get at least 200 miles on it. That's it, I will see over the years how that works. That is how I did it on my 98 and never had any issues or oil burning.


This bike is awesome and better than my '98 in almost every way. There are two things the new one falls short in (my opinion). The mirrors are not as good and the glove box is on the wrong side and is too narrow for easy access. Other than that, which I will be happy to live with I can't think of a better ride for me.


Thanks and good riding!

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