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1150RT Dash Question


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Got a strange question for you guys with an 1150RT (may also be on 1100s). On the left side of the dash, above the speaker grille, there's a small rectangular inset. My bike doesn't seem to use it, but I'm guessing it's for indicator lights for optional features, etc.


It is BEGGING for farkles - just wondering if anyone can tell me what OEM stuff went in there (pics would be great if you got 'em!) smile.gif


Also love to see what other features folks have cooked up for that spot.



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That is the radio display blank off.

I put my headlight modulators photo sensor there (though legally it's supposed to be mounted straight up towards the sky).


Some have mounted a digital thermometer in the space.


Welcome wave.gif

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Thanks! Makes sense, as the radio mounts in left side tupperware anyway.


Modulator ambient light sensor was one thought I had too. Not likely to put a radio in anyway, so seems a great place for buttons, lights, etc... (as I'm sure thousands have!)


Thanks for the welcome! Good to be 'on-board'... grin.gif

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One ryder named Spyder mounted the remote unit from a Valentine 1 there... It was/is a very sweet install.


If you search there are pictures on the board.


I too have the light sensor mounted there on mine.



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