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R1100RT Battery Removal


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As I live in the upper midwest, I'm getting my bike ready for winter storage in the next couple of weeks; e.g. purchased new oil & filter, Sta-Bil, and dug out the Battery Tender. Since this is my first winter with this particular bike I was surprised to learn that the battery resides under the fuel tank. So my question is, how difficult is it to access the battery; remove the tupperware and fuel tank to get to the battery? Also, is it common for RT owners to attach a quick connect harness to their battery, to avoid this annual ritual? Thanks in advance. /rich

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Just add the correct male plug to your battery tender and plug it into the AUX power socket, either the one on the dash, or the one down by the rear wheel on the left side.


To remove the battery; first remove the left side tupperware (side panel), then remove the air filter cover and the air snorkel that feeds it, unhook the elastic strap that holds the battery in place, unhook the battery vent tube if it has one, disconnect the negative lead, then slide the battery sideways from under the tank and unhook the positive lead. 15 min tops.



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