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Living & Riding in Paradise


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I need to pinch myself every now and then after taking a ride this time of year. Even a simple ride to the grocery store yields a breath taking array of Fall folliage that screams to be gawked at and photographed. After finishing my weekend errands I took a ride around town to show you what it looks like along the local streets in the Beaverton/Hillsboro, OR area where I live. Show me your colors.



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Kobo - I can't see your picture, even when I grab the URL and paste it into the browser by itself. I looked at your SmugMug site and can see those although SmugMug was its usual glacial self.

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Kobo - I can't see your picture, even when I grab the URL and paste it into the browser by itself. I looked at your SmugMug site and can see those although SmugMug was its usual glacial self.
It was there last night... I saw it (them).
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Don't know what to tell you Killer, I'm looking at the posted photos right now.
It's like the image was listed as public, and now it's private.
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I'm reposting the same thing hoping y'all can see the photos now. I couldn't wait for this weekend to get here. The local forecast had clearing weather with temps in the high 60s and not a drop of rain. This will be the best time to go out & shoot some fall folliage. I shot some beautiful color on local streets before heading out on one of the twistiest roads I've found locally, Timber Road. This small stretch of pavement crosses the gap between Hwy 26 & Hwy 6 through the little town of Timber. Talk about small, the only thing I could find with a name on it was the Timber Post Office. I've had a garage bigger. LOL Anyway the 10 - 20 mph turns I had to traverse were more than a challenge considering the tree debris all over the road. I decided I want to live & slowed down to 4th gear. That also allowed me time to pull over for photos. This is such an isolated stretch of road I just stopped in the middle of the road & pulled out my camera. Thank goodness I have an adjustable windshield. Enjoy!





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Yes, a true disaster, but at least Santa Ana means that it blows out to sea instead of here. I'm living in dread of the day those winds switch back and we get that mess. Hope you all are staying safe.

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I'm sorry, I can't make any rallies right now as we are working really short handed and I can't take any vacation until our manpower increases. Yikes, I sound like management!

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As nice as it gets here in Vermont.

Probably not really. The brilliant colors you see in Kobo's pics are not native trees. Look at his photos that are taken outside town. Those are the colors of most of our fall leaves. Nice, but mostly shades of yellow and brown. Around town you see a lot of non-native species that are truly gorgeous. Most of the red fall colors in Oregon are from Vine Maple, which isn't all that prevalent or very big. While I appreciate the fall colors of the PNW, ours have nothing on those of the NE US.

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Yep, it's there now. Still trying to convince the wife we need to buy property out there. This will help!


9 months of winter and three months of bad sledding... lmao.gif


Steve in So Cal

ps-thanks for the well wishes. Our place was not affected by the fires, but with as much devastation as these fires caused, everyone I know knows someone who lost a house or was evacuated... crazy.gif


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Just got back from a couple of days staying in a cabin at Watoga State Park in Pocahontas County, WV. I took these pictures on Tuesday, a gray, rainy day...so the colors aren't as bright as they would be in sunlight.


This is the road from our cabin area to the main park road.




We eventually wound up on the Highland Scenic Highway, WV route 150 over the top of Black Mountain, and saw some color there.







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