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Gentlemen & Ladies Start your Engines


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It's time to MOTO.

Bring your Ceegars

Bring your spouse

Just get yur ass out of your house.



I'll be leaving friday very early

see you all in Gunnison

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In the eternal words of Elwood, "It's a 106 miles to Chicago. We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it."


Leaving Tues at 5 pm for Gunnison via Monument Valley and Paonia. Bikes all good on fluids, air and TB sync. Bags are already packed and routes programmed into the GPS. Smelly Ceegars are all ready to go, the Mp3 player has 400 songs in it and Meghan is giddy as a school girl. Tomorrow is going to be a long day waiting for her to get off of work before we can leave.

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Paul Mihalka

Flight plan:

Wednesday morning go to work all packed up. Leave +/- 3pm, reach Charleston WV for the night.

Thursday: Charleston/St. Louis/Kansas City. If I'm not running late, from St. Louis to K. City I may take Hwy's 94 and 50.

Friday: Kansas City to Pueblo CO. Probably take Hwy's 56 and 96.

Saturday: Go over Independence Pass to Aspen, Carbondale, Paonia TOR rally - just a short hello in the pm, sleep in Gunnison.

Sunday: Some riding around Gunnison. Be at KOA in the pm.

Bike is checked out - stuff is packed. Still 2 days to work...I want to leave now!

Seeya there!

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Hey all you folks about to hit the road ... have a great time in Gunnison and ride safely! I can't make the trip myself, but you all have a great get-together and post some pics and ride tales when you get back ...



Chris (aka Tender Vittles),

Little KZ400 in the Big Apple

Black Boxer RT for Everywhere Else, such as...color=green>


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We're not leaving until friday afternoon, so we are going to be doing some serious riding to make it to Gunnison on Sunday. It's going to be a long week. We are really looking forward to meeting everyone. We hope to be checked into the Ramada by early Sunday afternoon, and then on to the KOA.



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Jim Catlett

I just looked at the latest survey and I guess this "Army of one" from Missouri has a change of plans. KC - Denver Friday. Denver - Estes Park - Denver Saturday. Denver - Colorado Springs - Gunnison Sunday. Should see you guys shortly after noon.

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Alright, I'm leaving work in about 3 minutes and then I'm heading home to pack up and go to sleep. Departure is now at T minus 16 hours, 46 minutes. Everyone, please drive safe...I don't want the first thing getting around is how so-and-so fell asleep and wrecked their beautiful RT. Thanks, now I'll sleep better at night. Take care and I'll see ya in a few days!

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Paul, Look for the wild bunch from the NW on Sat. around Paonia. It will be the late afternoon



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The "GANG OF FOUR" heads out of the Emerald City on Thursday around 10:00 AM. You will be able to see us comin' from the cloud of ceegar smoke followin us.

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Paul, Look for the wild bunch from the NW on Sat. around Paonia. It will be the late afternoon



I forced OldRider to go through Soda Springs, ID, so I could check on a namesake there. He was a doctor and treated one of the injured "Wild Bunch" while in hiding, at the turn of the century. It also was our favorite movie in H.S., and we adopted the name then too. Good call OldBunchedUp. smile.gif

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Joe Frickin' Friday

My name is Joe Friday. In this city... I ride an RT.


T-minus 10 minutes and counting. Heading to lunchroom to fill up the Camelbak, outta here after that. 2.5 days to Boulder, hang at my sister's place for acoupla days, then Sunday it's off to Gunnison! Yeah!


If anyone needs to contact me for some crazy reason, I will have my cell phone with me: 734-972-6650. See you all soon...



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I leave Friday, O dark :30 going through the Oklahoma Panhandle. Stoping In Guymon, OK. Friday Night. Get up and roll into Colorado Saturday, Planning to be in Gunnison at High Noon at the Comfort Inn on Sunday. I'll spend some time in the pool then lace it up and find the KOA about 3:00 p.m.

Can't Sleep. Bennie, my '97 R1100RT is getting shod with MEZ4s today. Major service is done. This is my first solo tour. Can't quite figure out how to get the blasted kitchen sink in the Top Case, but the rest of the house is packed and ready to go. shocked.gif See you Hoons soon. smile.gif

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Steve Danner

The family and I will be heading out of St. Louis on Friday evening, chasing the sunset down the slab (I-70). We are looking forward to meeting you all in Gunnison. I noticed that my daughter had bought some pepper spray. When I asked if it was to drive off bears, she said no. It was for the Hells Angels or Wurty, whichever came first. Have a good ride guys.

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I'll be heading thru St. Louis around 4 PM on

Friday. Keep an eye out for an Opal Blue with Georgia plates.

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That photograph is breathtaking. For those of us who live in the flatlands......having this party in the mountains is a real blessing.


So many old and new friends. So many great views...I think I'm gonna cry!!



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Ohhhh yeeah, boyee!


BigMak and Steve Kol arrive here this afternoon then we head off east to meet up with the rest of the Wild Bunch, and on to Gunnison.



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Shelly and I are headed out tomorrow (Friday) morning, picking up SageRider and SierraRider along the way. In Torrey on Saturday night, Gunnison on Sunday afternoon. See you all in Gunnison!

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My engine's starting tomorrow night, it just won't be a BMW engine this trip. wink.gif


So we'll have to do this again next year, so I can RIDE in instead of driving in, RIGHT???

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Leaving at 4:30 this afternoon with Antonio Chanco (Pepochanco on the BBS), a fellow SoCal rider. EZ ride to Vegas tonight, Torrey on Friday Night, Montrose, CO on Saturday with a possible re-route through Paonia depending on the time and the heat.


An hour in the pool, a good steak, then on to Gunnison Sunday. Should be there around noonish.

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90%Angel and I depart in about 10 minutes bound for Gunnison Via:


Thursday: St. George, Utah

Friday: Torrey, Utah

Saturday: Moab, Utah

Sunday: Gunnison, CO


We should come coasting into Gunny mid-afternoon on Sunday.


Until next time, this is Notch Johson saying, Ride the Big One.

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Yeeha! Stephen

Miss Vicki is packin' her side of the bike right now. My side was packed and loaded 2 days ago. smile.gif I'm hooking up with Jim and Mary Ruth Nelson in the morning and we're headed that way via Amarillo and Taos.


See ya'll Sunday.

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Time to sleep. Up early tomorrow to hit the road. Everything's packed and ready.


  • Friday Night - St George, UT
  • Saturday Night - Moab, UT
  • Sunday - Tuesday - The Main Event : Gunnison, CO
  • Wednesday - Richfield, UT
  • Thursday - Vegas, NV Baby


I'm so ready to go!!!

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The blurple RT and I are launching from my driveway in 1.5 hours.....going to join some Crew.....and spread some love.


For those of you not going....I wish you were. smile.gif

For those of you who are going.......CHUBBY BUNNY! wink.gif

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T minus 15 minutes and counting,




Lookin' forward to meeting those who will be there & sorry to miss those who won't.


(maybe I'll pass that motly gaggle from the Chi-Town Crew tongue.gif, then again maybe NOT! see you guys there)






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Bike packed.

Dog at the kenel, house quiet and empty

Wife at work for 1/2 day.

Sitting here. Waiting. Waiting.

Tonight Iowa City, Saturday, North Platte, Sunday probably Denver, Monday-Tuesday Gunnison, then off to places north.



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Well, I'm getting ready to leave work, go pick up connie from work, get the bike and head for gunnison. I can hardly wait.



Lake Charles, LA



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Brant Herbert

3 - 2 - 1.... I'm outta here. Heading to Flagstaff to meet up with Wurty, Agent86, and Roy from Phx. YeeHaa!


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There's a rumor going round that we got to Denver in under 24 hours....WhoooooooooooooooooooooironbuttHoooooooooooooooooooooo

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The Three Amigos are cooling our heels in Lake city after 3,900 miles from Mass. to Lake CIty, just waiting for tomorrow to shoot over to Crested Butte then back to Gunnison.

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