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on battery tenders


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Having to make some decisions limiting any more purchases for this bike, I opted to go with the 750mA battery tender for $40, instead of the BMW plugged $85 unit.


I found an old harness in the side cover which is corroded, and wondered if it were a big deal to just splice the new tender cord on to the existing one? Other than contact cleaner, any other way to properly clean the connectors, expecially the female end?


My concern was reading a recent post having to reset the throttle body something if I were to remove the battery to install the new wiring.


The other was, take the loss to ship this back and buy the larger tender which plugs into the port on the fairing. If I were to do that, why not buy the $25 adapter to convert the BMW plug for normal automobile plug use, and just use my more expensive home charger on trickle every couple of weeks. Then, I would be able to use my GPS DC adapter as well.


My other question is, how often/long, do you need to have this in use during the winter? This will be kept outside, under a small make shift/lean to and tarp.


It appears I have a fairly recent Gel battery.



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Does the connector you are referring to run directly to the battery? If so, I'd try to clean it up and use it. Radio Shack sells contact clearer that works great.


The TPS reset procedure does not apply to the R1100xx series (except the R1100S). It is R1150xx and R1200xx only.


I tend to stay away from charging batteries through the accessory socket. To much potential for high resistance, it wasn't designed for that.


If you have a "smart" battery tender with a float cycle, in theory you can leave it connected all the time.


Personally though, if there was no change of using the bike over a long winter, I'd remove the battery and bring it inside. It's easier on it in the long run, charging or not.

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That was my thought as well. I only paused on that decision with the post about re-setting the throttle, which is no longer an issue. Charger does have the float cycle. Wires on the bike are direct to the battery. Looks like another question has been answered.



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