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High beam cure for R1150RT

Rob L

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I noticed that my high beam was not focused very well. An inspection revealed that the bulb was not seated properly. I popped off the cover and removed the bulb, however the metal piece remained in the headlight assembly and the plastic piece had a broken "ear." I spent the last 6 hours working on the bike! I removed the entire headlight assembly to see exactly what could be done. Happily I figured out a cure which is less than $413 eek.gif, the cost of the new parts! I assembled the metal socket and plastic "keeper" with a new bulb and temporarily held them together with a plastic tie strap. I then drilled a small hole through both pieces on 2 sides opposite of each other. I used 2 small pop rivets to hold the pieces together and removed the tie strap. I needed to file the head of the rivets slightly to allow the assembly to fit back in the headlight. 6 hours later......the light works as good as new clap.gif

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