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Any need to install a fan?


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Just wondered how many owners have opted to install an AUX fan on the oilhead? If so, any details on the item # and cost, install instructions, LED indicator etc.?


The one bike I saw that did have one, the fan was so small I really could not see the point of having it on the bike.


Also, what do people that live in really hot places like S. FL do? I was told years ago by a dealer, they did not have any issues with their bikes in the heat, and the bikes at that time didn't have any coolers, other than the Wings.


While I have yet to see my oil gage go more than five bars, we are having our first service (36K) which is scheduled for Nov 13. I am assuming they will be removing some of the tupperware, if there is something other than a battery tender wire to hook up, now might be the time to do it.


This time around there was a five week waiting period to get in for service. If I really need something, I may have to resort to a non-BMW shop for service.



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It's kind of one of those "religion questions"...


Camp A - Heat bad, fan good. Or at least can't hurt. My RID is going to pop and the motor is next!


Camp B - The Boxer motor doesn't even hardly know what heat is. A fan a waste of $$. The RID is a joke!



Personally I'm in Camp B. But then like I say, it's mostly a religion question.

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I live in California and have ridden many times in over 100 degree temperatures and my 2004 R1150RT has never over heated. I've had it come up an extra bar, but never where I was worried, but I do split lanes when the going is more stop than go. With the fairing off you might consider having them install additional lighting, as that's what I did and they only charged me for the lights and the half hour to install them. As for a battery tender, BMW makes a gel battery charger that plugs into the power ports which is cleaner than having to tuck the tender cord under the fairing. I bought one when I purchased my RT and after four years my battery has never let me down.

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Riding, more like stopped in traffic, in Las Vegas at 113 degrees the RID only showed 7 bars. The RT-P has the fan and the only time it ever came on is when I was syncing the throttle dealies and the box fan wasn't enough.

The bike usually runs 6 bars at 85 Degrees and over.

Don't to worry about it. Old boxers only had 2 quarts in the sump and I ain't never heard about any failures! dopeslap.gif

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That was my feeling on the fan as well. Thanks!


I think I have all the AUX lights needed already, full reflective kit on the back, and reflective piping on the clothing.


May have to rethink buying the BMW plugged battery charger. I just bought the smaller tender, expecting it not to be a big deal to wire up.


Thanks again!! thumbsup.gif

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May have to rethink buying the BMW plugged battery charger. I just bought the smaller tender, expecting it not to be a big deal to wire up.


Shouldn't be a big deal. If the tender's got an SAE Connector on it, then order the PAC-008 cable from Powerlet and you'll be all set. Note: Your local BMW motorcycle dealership probably has that same cable in stock as well if you don't want to order online or if you just prefer to support the local guy.



If the tender doesn't have an SAE connector, then I'd buy the appropriate bits from Powerlet, cut whatever's on the tender off, and solder on the SAE plug from powerlet.

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