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The boxer turns 60...


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I thought the post might have been about a 1947 BMW. grin.gif


Congrates on rolling through another milestone! Did you put those miles on yourself?


Thruthfully, that's really only about average if not lower mileage for an 8 year old RT. Keep on Rolling! thumbsup.gif

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I rescued the bike from a Wall St type after 10k lol


Most of the 50k I've done have been within the borders of NYC!



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Are there any question?








'Does your dog bite?' grin.gif


Sorry, could not help myself dopeslap.gif


Keep um rolling Eff thumbsup.gif

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It takes me nearly two hours to go from my son's place in Brooklyn, across the Brooklyn Bridge and over Manhattan and through the Lincoln tunnel to my other son's place in NJ, a distance of 18 miles. So 60K in NYC is a whole lot of hours in the saddle (most of it at a stand-still in traffic.) tongue.gif Congratulations.

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