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GPS mounting on an R12ST


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Well, since this seems to be R12ST week in the Hexhead forum, I thought I would throw out a question. For those ST folks who have a GPS, how do you have it mounted?


I bought a 2730 Streetpilot and the usual RAM mount doodads thinking I would use one of jakfrost's top clamp mounts. Imagine the thrill I felt when I pried the plastic cap thingy off and discovered the mount doesn't fit the ST.


Well, at least I have a cool paperweight now.


So, if any of you have any thoughts regarding a base mount for the ST....




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Here's a great, IMO, option!!


I currently am using the BMW mount but have the Touratech mount. I hope to not use it and sell the bike so it may be available for sale as well!




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I put a ram mount connector (11mm I believe) on the left mirror stalk and then a medium length arm connected to that. The GPS (2610) was mounted on the Garmin mount with the bike wiring package, wired directly to the battery. It put the GPS just below the level of the screen, I didn't have to move my eyes off the road much to check it. I liked having the option of audio if I wanted it. I put some inexpensive helmet speakers into my Shoei and had a headphone wire connected to the GPS. I did have to get an adapter coming out of the GPS so it would take the 3.5 pin.

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I used the gadget guy bar with a touratech mount. Then switched to the touratech bar and mount. After seeing the above I might switch to the gadget guy mount.

I like the touratech mount because I have the locking option. But on my last big ride I was going to fast through a dried river crossing and hit a pretty nasty trasition that made the mount come in contact with the speedo (the mount has a suspension that I shouldn't have opted for). Plastic now has a hole in it. frown.gif

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Thanks to all of you for your responses. wave.gif


Your information has been really helpful in clarifying my thinking. I will probably go with the idea of clamping a RAM base to the mirror stalk for now (and maybe the Ztechnik later), since I want to use an adapter plate to hold the GXM antenna behind the GPS. It looks to me like it would be difficult to do that with the Touratech bar.


Like so many others have said, I am blown away by the knowledge and helpfulness found here, and I hope to meet up with some of you at the UN. clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif

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