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Clamp Type?

Ken H.

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What do you call the style of hose clamp that is used on the new hexheads - air intake to throttle body, and throttle body to intake manifold flange? And where can one get the correct tool for loosening and re-tightening them?

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This type of clamp is typical to C/V joint boots, the tool looks like a pair of pliers with a tooth sticking out from each jaw, you should be able to find at any good auto parts store.



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My CD-Rom Service Manual calls the tool "pliers 13 1 512."
That helps!


The full number is then 90 886 13 1 512 = "Pliers Intake"


BUT, it is $US204 from MAX BMW. Yikes!


There must be some generic name for this type of clamp and its tool...

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I finally track down these things - They are a Oetiker Product Group 168.


Oetiker's tool for this size is their number 14100030. So far I haven't found any place in the US that sells it though...

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Probably a dumb question but why not use a regular hose clamp if you have to? BTW I had such a massive backfire when I first got the bike it blew off the tube between the throttle body and head. I was able to unclamp it and reclamp it with a large chanel lock plier. PITA but it worked that time for me but I think I got lucky.

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These clamps are a bit narrower than the standard off the shelf hose clamps. 7mm wide. Standard clamps won't fit in the groove of the rubber boot/tube.

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Check the Snap-On man. He was able to supply this plier to our project. The Snap-On tool looked and worked exactly the same as the BMW tool.

Do you happen to know the Snap-on number? I'm working at a bit of a handicap as I've not seen the actual correct tool yet.
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Ken H., these are the same clamps that BMW uses on S54 and S62 M car engines. I have 2 of the BMW tools and they work nice. An alternative, for much less money, is Lisle part number 30500, about $20. It works, but not quite as well. For the price difference, it is worth it.

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Sorry Ken. I don't have the number, a co-worker bought the tool. As I recall it was around $70.00. Works like a champ, but like mentioned by JonM the Lisle tool might be the better deal given the few times you will need to use this tool.

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I haven't checked but I think the old airhead air intake hose clamps are narrow and may work. I think they are <$5 and even have the BMW logo on them.

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An alternative, for much less money, is Lisle part number 30500, about $20. It works, but not quite as well. For the price difference, it is worth it.


As Murphy would have it, an hour before I read this I tracked down a supplier of the official Oetiker 14100030 tool and ordered it. $52.80. Still beats BMW's $204 though!


For anyone else's reference:


EFC International

1940 Craighshire Rd.

St. Louis, MO 63146


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