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Well, I need new tires for my RT. The only tires I've ever bought were for cars, and you could fudge the sizes a little. What kind of fudging is possible on moto tires? My size is the standard 120/70/17 for front, and 160/60/18 for rear. Feel free to toss in your $.02 on brands as well. And finally, would you let any motorcycle shop mount them, or would you stick with the dealer? Thanks in advance for the input.

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Stick with the stock size.


Assuming you remove the wheels from the bike and take them in, pretty much any shop should be able to mount new tires for you.

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Stick with the stock size. Why would you want to experiment to see how a non-stock size will handle at 80 mph. Mount them yourself. It's fun, it's satisfying and Ken H. is real handy there if you run in to any problems. wink.gif


There is a great deal of advice in the bowels of this board to tell you several options for doing the job.

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Mount them yourself.




That is SO not such a good idea. I could screw up changing the oil...

As for size, stock will be fine with me. Just wondering if there is any bennie's to changing it up a little. Seems that there is not. I do have a question though. I'm looking at the Metzeler Z6's. What is the difference between C, G, and K's? Speed ratings? Only the front tire seems to have those options, but not the rear.

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Beware the missing center tread on the Z6 rear. The shop I trade with has piles of old Z6's with the center cord showing. It just seems to sneak up on folks.


Conti Road Attacks, Bridgestone BT21's and Michelin Pilot Roads might also be good alternatives. Folks like them on R12RT's. I haven't heard how they do on R11XXRT's. (Disclaimer: I just saw a post indicating there might be a problem with BT21 fronts on an RT. Don't know what that's about.)


Good luck if you can find someone other than the dealer to change the rear and do it right. A lot of folks can't balance the rear properly. I've had several done by non-BMW folks over the years and neither got the balance right. I almost bought the proper adapters for a local shop just so I'd have some place close to get tires.

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