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Strange sound


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I have a strange sound coming from my '07 RT. At, around, 40 MPH, you can a hear a strange type of resonating sound coming up through the bike. Not terribly unpleasant, but I'd like to know what it is. Here are my current theories. First, it has done this since the first mile and I have Metzeler Z6s on it. This resonant sound is more pronounced while leaned over and almost disappears when straight up. Therefore, it might be the tires creating this sound. Secondly, while on the center stand and rotating the rear tire by hand, the tire will rotate freely then bind a slight bit, then rotate freely, then bind. It has done this since mile one (Currently have 1500 miles on it. The RT at the dealers did the same thing when I rotated it's tire last Saturday. Therefore, it has something to do with the rear brake or pads. Thirdly, it is coming from the bearings or something in the final drive. Least likely, but paranoid from all the posts. THe sound is still there when I pull in the clutch and the sound goes away past 40 MPH or less than 40 MPH. I would think this would rule out bearings or final drive. As I said, the noise isn't terribly unpleasant, it's just that I would feel better knowing what it is. Any thoughts ?

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Being as you stated it was speed related, as opposed to gear related, it would be very probable that you are feeling/hearing a tire harmonic.


Verify your pressures and ride on. Nothing to worry about.


The dragging when turning the wheel is completely normal. Slight tolerance variance from rotor to pad. Also, a wheel that has been stationary will have a thicker film on the lower portion of the ring gear, causing the increase in friction, thereby, the "tight" spot felt.


Hope this helps! thumbsup.gif

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