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Repair panniers?


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Some ditz with a cell phone to her ear drove her SUV right in to on of the panniers on my '00 1100RT. I didn't notice at the time but it cracked the plastic along the bottom hinge. I need to repair this as its now difficult to close once opened and sooner or latter it will just fall apart.


I was thinking of just using some JB Weld and a couple of pieces of plexiglass. I was just going to "weld" the plexiglass on the top and bottom of the cracked part.


But I wanted to check and see if anyone had a better idea.

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skinny_tom (aka boney)

Last I checked, you could buy either half of a saddle bag from the dealer. Mine was even kind enough to swap out the handle/latch for en extra few bucks.

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What are the bags made of--plastic or fibreglass? If plastic, which type? If it were me I would determine the type of polymer used and then look for advice on repairing that specific type. Some plastics are very difficult to "weld" or bond with glues.

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