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Side stand neutral switch?


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My side stand neutral switch (2005 R1200RT) is not operating. It kills the engine when I shift into gear. Please tell me if the electrical plug on the switch is attached with friction only or if there's a tab (or something) that I must press, turn or whatever to disconnect it. I am hoping that all I need to do is clean the contacts an don't want to destroy the switch trying to disconnect it. I did look in the files and found nothing about the connector.


Many thanks in advance. Other ideas would also be appreciated.



Ben White/The Hills, TX

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Replace the switch! Is the bike still under warranty? If so let your dealer do it. Get the old switch back or have them cut off the connector that plugs into the main wiring harness. Theirs three wires, connect the white and brown together. Put this in your tool kit. If the switch fails again you have a way to bypass it. BUT REMEMBER THE BIKE WILL START IN GEAR!!!!

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Check the wiring diagrahm. There is a connector under the seat on the 1100RS that was easily jumped out. May exist on the 1150's also, too.

Not for the faint of heart if you insist on lawyer safety but it was quick,efficient and easy. dopeslap.gif

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