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Easy radio AUX connection, Part # 61-12-7-709-157


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Just got through installing an AUX cable on my '05 12RT radio. ('05's have the earlier version radios with the AUX function but no AUX jack or hook-up. Later models have a jack on the radio face, as I understand it anyway.) Just now getting this done on an '05 because I picked up the bike this summer used. I spent the first $$ getting the connection cable to run the bike stereo thru the Autocom, but that's another story...

I'd found this thread some time back and was planning to give what I read there a try. Then, while the bike was in for service, I checked w/ my local BMW dealer about what was available to use the AUX function on the radio, they looked it up, and ordered me part # 61-12-7-709-157. It came in the mail with zero instructions. I searched all forums for something with this part # and came up nothing. I Googled the part # and had only two hits and both of them had to be translated from German, which means it was fairly broken English after translation. Nothing about installation tips, but from what I could tell, it seems this part is new as of sometime in 2007? Maybe that's why I can't seem to find out anything about it? Maybe that's why the parts and service guys at my local BMW dealer didn't know anything about the part and mentioned that mine was the first they'd ever ordered?

Anywho...it's rather plug and play, that's pretty much it...it just plugged right in. Only one way for it to fit too, so no guessing where it was to go. Volume is not as much with my cheapo MP3 running on it as the other radio functions, but turn the MP3 and the radio both up and it's plenty loud enough for me. (May try a Boosteroo amp, but don't really have to.)

Thought I'd pass this info along. Cost was $88.25, but no special tools to buy and no plugs or connections to change as I'd read in the thread I mentioned earlier. Sorry I didn't think to take any pictures, next time I got the bike open I'll take some if anybody wants.

Boringly and pleasantly easy.

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