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Programmable PowerCommander FI Mapping Available for BMW Bikes


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This will allow you to not only change the fuel mapping but also manage the closed loop system. It can set the A/F ratio for the closed loop, i.e. 14.1, 13.5, 12.1...






Apparently they'll be available for the K bike line, R bike line, F650, and even the new GS.



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It can set the A/F ratio for the closed loop, i.e. 14.1, 13.5, 12.1...


Unlike most aftermarket products that claim to adjust A/F to something other than 14.7 this one actually has a wideband O2 sensor! clap.gif

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Ouch..MSRP $495


Is there enough of a difference to justify this over the Techlusion?


Neither is a good value if you are trying to justify the purchase of a new bike! smile.gif

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The "good" techlusion was $300ish. So you're talking another $200 for a device that....


- Has a real wideband O2 sensor, no playing games trying to get information out of a sensor that's not there.

- Has TPS input, no guessing what the throttle is doing from the injector outputs

- Real mapping features, maps, not just three pots.

- Tools that let you remap the fueling yourself.


The techlusion has worked well for many people, and it's hard to argue with that. But this is a better solution. And IMHO $200 isn't that much more for the improvements.


I am a bit disapointed that it does not allow any control over ignition timing.

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I wonder if it would eliminate the forward lurch at 2200rpm and the 5k flat spot on the 12GS?


It might, but BMW has actually fixed it themselves. According to the UKGser folks, there's a software download they'll perform on the bike at your next service that fixes it...and the rubmly idle.

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I have some experience with Dynojet Power Commander(s) as used for H-D's. They are pretty effective devices, but are *only* optimised by using a *dynomometer* for tuning.

So, add a couple of hours of dyno time to the actual cost of going this route.

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but are *only* optimised by using a *dynomometer* for tuning


Friends who have had them have had good luck with using the maps that someone else came up with. As long as your bike is a similar configuration. I'd expect the HD's were more modified.


The wideband O2 also helps with this to some extent.


It goes between the Motronic and the injectors. So it does not replace the motronic.

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Chris at San Jose BMW is the one doing the development work with Power Commander for BMW applications. He has done extensive programing for the PC on the dyno and can supply preprogramed PC's for your specific application. The Techlusion in no way comes close to what a properly programed Power Commander can do, not in the same league at all.

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