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For the rider with everything-GG Quad


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I rode in a charity ride Sunday to benefit a children's Cancer charity. It originated from Road Atlanta. One of the riders in our group was a representative for this interesting machine. Corners great but you better hold on. It feels like a motorcycle but you have to remember how wide it is. You don't want to forget and set up on the left or right half of the lane. Its called a GG Quad and is made in Switzerland and MSRP is around $49,000.


Have any of you seen one before?










Yours truly comparing the Quad to his Triumph Sprint! 0-60 in 5 seconds and a reverse gear. Fun! thumbsup.gif



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This has been discussed before. Last I read the manufacturer could not get them certified as a motorcycle so they have to meet car safety standards or something to that effect.



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I spent some time looking one over at the dealer show in Indy two years ago. Really a quality piece of work. Perfect if you already have your favorite 20 cars and bikes and crewed sailboat and Falcon jet and the trophy wife. I'm not quite there, but I am working on it.

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Dennis Andress

I saw three or four of them on the 5 near Disneyland once. They looked pretty miserable as they were trapped in traffic and too wide to lane split. confused.gifconfused.gif

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Looks like it has Texas plates on the rear, so it's probably the same one that's been out to our Lonestar BMW Riders club meeting on the 3rd Monday of every month. Very slick ride.

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I don't get it. confused.gif I commend the makers for thier good work and dedication. It looks pretty well engineered and assembled. But for 49k I go buy an Ariel Atom and have them put in the Honda iCTDi diesel.

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