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police tires


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i am currently using dunlop police tires on my 1150 rt. i have 4,000 miles on them. i don't know how many more miles i can get but i was told at least 6,000. i got 9,000 off my last set of tires; avons. i was gonna get them again but i was convinced to try these. now the rub. i am moving out of the area so i won't be able to get the dunlop police tires anymore if they work out. has anyone tried the dunlop D220s?how were they? thanks taters

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Why wouldn't you be able to "mail" order the police tires?


I'm pretty sure Bob's and some of the other places would ship them.

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I just bought a front tire, police runflat. The price is actually very reasonable compared to other tires. this according to the salesman at the dealership. the Police tires have BMW part numbers so I think any dealership that does mailorder would be capable of getting them.

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Don't know if the dealership is the only one who can order/get these, but you can definitely get 10k out of them, my bike had 11k when I changed them out to make a run up to Deals Gap a few weekends ago. If I had a spare set of rims, I would (locally) still use them!

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The police front is available from BMW as well as from a couple of other sources. Parts Unlimited has the same tire. Any dealer can order it using part #32SU-75. Also, Tucker Rocky has the same tire. Any dealer can order it using part #310340.


Unfortunately, the rear tire is only available through BMW dealers. None of the Dunlop distributors in the U.S. carry that specific tire. I checked Canada some time ago as well. They don't have it either, although I hear it's an OTC tire in Japan.

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A friend of mine just put a new set of 880's on his bike, with only 19,000 miles on the old set.....he wants to be ready for our upcoming rainy season.


Because of "wobble" problems last year, I had set of Dunlop 205's installed, got rid of the wobble but only got 11,775 out of them. The 880's that they replaced had 15 or 16,000 on them, with plenty left.



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