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Few Unrally pics


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Here are a few of my favorite pics from our Unrally trip. Sorry for the sizing I'll have to work on that.

There are way better journalists & photographers than I but we did manage to catch a few clicks that show how much fun we were having.

DSC00188.JPG Pied Piper Crew

DSC00217.JPG Jamie getting ready to do the hootchy kootchy dance for the groups entertainment.

DSC00232.JPG Memorial at Flight 93

DSC00243.JPG This is starting to become a common occurance.

DSC00278.JPG Mackinac bridge

DSC00313.JPG Minnesota Fall colors

DSC00341.JPG Spirit Riders Little Big Horn

DSC00386.JPG Gar and friend Chief Joeseph Hwy


DSC00397.JPG Heed the sign "Do Not Approach Elk"

All in all we had a great trip even with the unexpected bike trouble. 8259 miles round trip. Can't wait to do it again.


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