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Autocom and gadget wire management


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Hi fellow riders,


I traded my 05 R1200GS for a new 07 R1200RT (wow comforrrrt...) Now I want to install an Autocom and connect the following (BMW Navigator II+, XM radio, Escort X-50, Ipod) I want to have a super slick installation (ie. no apparent wires).


Any suggestions and especially pics of your set-up? I was considering the glove box as a gadget central location.


Your handy work and advice would be greatly appreciated




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There's a pretty good thread HERE about installing electrical farkles on an ST. An RT has more room, so it shouldn't be that hard to make it work for your bike. I'm sure others will chime in with more specific RT installations.

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great photos, neat job but I am trying to be so anal about my set up that I do not even want to see any wires in or out of the tank bag. I am getting close with my ideas but every installation I see gets me closer to what I want to achieve. Keep to projects coming. I promise I will post my handiwork once I get it done over the course of the coming winter.




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Working on getting all the parts for a tank bag setup as well! thumbsup.gif


I'm not having any luck finding a 3.5 female to female mini jack connector/plate for the "wall" of the tank Bag. (male 3.5 from Garmin 550 to female "outside" recepticle, then male 3.5 from "inside" the tank bag direct to Autocom)


Anyone know where to get one??

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I had some luck with Radio Shack there is an adaptor 3.5F-3.5F gold plated (good for corrosion) but it is about 1.5 inches long (of course since you need to get two male 3.5 mm connectors in.


Good luck




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