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New RT Seat


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I have read many threads on several forums on the seat issue and decided to get a Rick Mayer seat.


Last Tuesday I started the ride to Anderson, CA (about 988 miles from the east edge of Phoenix) after the initial break in service was completed at 708 miles on the bike. I decided to take my Air Hawk padded seat just in case. I was glad I did. At the first fuel stop, my backside needed relief from the stock seat. The day seemed to last forever. The next day was a repeat performance for my backside.


Thursday morning I showed up at Rick's shop about 8:30AM and he thought I might be on the road by 11:30. We spent a few minutes discussing my perceived points of discomfort and then went into the work area to select the leather for the seats. I chose a grey piece and work began by one worker removing the existing covers and some of the original underlying foam, taking care not to damage the seat heaters. The other helper started cutting the hide into pieces using their forms. Rick continued shaping seats from the mail in production requests until my seat pan was available. In short order all the seat parts were cut out along with the back rests on the tour pack and the Bakup backrest. I could see real progress being made on all fronts.


Well three more bikes showed up and production slowed down. Rick had to do the interview process and material selection with each new arrival.


By about 2:30PM, three of us had our new seats installed and had paid for them. I was lucky because I had brought the R1200C seat and backrest to be remade and got the 50% off price special for this month for a second seat on the same order form.


We had not gone far before I realized what a tremendous change had been made in the seat. The sensation was of complete support with no more high ridges down the center. We rode for about an hour and stopped for fuel for both man and bike. We then went our seperate ways and I rode until 11:00PM when I reached Bakersfield, CA. I had wiggled some on the seat and stood up on the foot pegs to arrange the pants, but was basically able to think to myself that this was light years ahead for me. I did not need the Air Hawk anymore on this bike. The next morning around 8:15AM, I started the balance of the ride back home in the cold (38 degrees) and rain and got in about 5:30PM. I enjoyed a break about an hour before I got in to remove layers of clothing and that let the backide get some circulation going.


I vote in favor of this seat modification by Rick Mayer. It has completely changed my attitude about long distance riding. For me at this time, 2,000 miles in four days is a lot. But with better skills that develop with experience, I think that would not be as great a challenge in the future. clap.gif


The other two chaps were very pleased with their results, too.



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i had a seat thru rick as well for a gs. seat was nice, but not firm enough for my taste, just a personal thing. workmanship good. I suggest u ride in though, because my seat was about three weeks late, and that was in early March. I also heard that he was in an accident recently during a track day.

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