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Rear Brake "spring" - where does it sit exactly- WIP


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I am in the middle of doing the rear brakes so quick response would be great

I removed the pads and in fact I have stuck it all back together as there is still pleanty of meat after 11K miles, but I have a niggling doubt about the spring thingy - I can see where it bore against the pads and it seems to sit with its back edge out of view (as seen from behind,touches the back shoulder of the pads and folows the curvature of the area it sits in - ie with the sharp little prongs facing up and on the reverse sides to the pads. I think I have it right - including the little arrow for direction of travel, but it seems a very 'flaky' fit - ie it doesn't seem to click satisfactorily into place and I had to hold it in position as I refitted the pads- does that all sound familiar? I hate fiddly pieces like this!

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It IS a flaky fit. I've cussed that darn spring more than once, but you have it described right.


LOL! A fellow sufferer. Also, I looked at the spring for a while and it appears to be symmetrical in every sense- making me wonder why the arrow is necessary. Any way I rode it today and I'm still alive so the spring must be happily seated grin.gif

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