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Watch that road surface - or getting screwed


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I wanted to encourage everyone on the board to not be complacent in their riding,in particular making ASS U ME tions about what lies ahead on the road as you enjoy the great fall weather.


As many may recall I dropped my bike in Nevada April 27th.

This after a great ride of some 4500 miles and many varying conditions and roads. I was 'in the groove' so to speak what I did not know was that the easy sweeper I was approaching had a fine covering of sand that took my RT, Z6 tires and my 'groove' and put everything on the side of the road and me in hospital.


I was quite literally screwed . . .




It is now almost 6 months later and I am finally walking without a cane. Haven't ridden all summer.

And now this beautiful fall weather and I am still not on two wheels.


So, please folks don't assume the road ahead is like the road you are on, expect the un-expected and ride accordingly.


BTW just two days ago heard a friend went down and very much is out. Funeral after our thanksgiving. Prompted my post.


Ride safe, ride well, ride ATGATT. wave.gif

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Sorry to hear about your friend. frown.gif Thanks for the update on your progress. Dtool and I were victims of the same type of thing. A fine layer of sand that we couldn't see while riding, but while walking on the roadway could make it out. We were just luckier than you to walk away from it.

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Calvin  (no socks)

Sorry for your loss. It sounds as though you are healing well. Keep it up....

I hit some sand in a straight last weekend at 25-30 mph...Almost went down... reaction was to jam right leg to keep upright, and yanked bars straight...it worked.... this time... I was a little sore, but came thru unscathed.

I never saw the sand/gravel....lucky me.

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