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final drive capacity


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Well, unless you are using the new aftermarket FD. That one takes 1200 cc's and of course requires the special gear currently supplied by Catepillar.


Come on Phil...I can't believe you let this one slip by.

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Come on Phil...I can't believe you let this one slip by.


I leave the one liners to Matt (Bakerzdosen). Me not so good at those!!! tongue.giftongue.gif

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In the middle of this little chore..

So far, so good...Now I just gotta figure out how to get the stuff in without spilling...

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For what it's worth, this is how I got it in there:

Measure out what you need. Find a turkey basting utensil, attach a short rubber hose to the end and use it to transfer your measured oil into the final drive.

Worked well for me.

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+1 on the syringe method... works like a charm...

I just completed this chore this evening at 23,745.

Oil was still clean with only some mild darkness. Not at all like the first time I changed it final drive fluid...(at 11,675) yuck. it was black and visibly gritty.

I probably didn't have to change it but after seeing that photo of the final drive on fire... I ain't taking THAT chance.


230cc about .(just shy of a cup) i used a plastic syringe I got at wallyworld.

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Finsished...I used a syringe and needle I use on my cows..slow but my time is cheap.. clap.gif


One option I came up with was to use a small, clear plastic bottle (much like the old style catsup dispensers used at drive-ins) with a flexistraw duct taped to the end. I drew a line at the 230cc level for future reference and taped a length of wire to the bottle to hang it from the end of the bike. The rate of flow from straw together with the ability to feed the straw deeply into the FD resulted in no spillage. Easy, cheap and clean as well as re-usable.


The bottle I purchased from the craft section at Wal-Mart. The straw I pilfered from the local coffee house. The duct tape I've had since university days.

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Sorry Phil, Limecreek took all my one liner's for this topic...


Personally, I just went Phil's route. I have the same measuring "ratio-rite" to measure and I used a funnel with a clear hose from Napa that fit perfectly into the speed sensor hole. It didn't allow any air out so it takes a while to fill, but it works w/o spilling any fluid. However, if I ever find a big syringe, I'll probably pick one up for this purpose just to be faster.


And I measured about 240cc's to put in...

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Advanced Auto Parts sells a hose adapter which screws directly onto the top of the gear oil container. The black pastic fitting at the end of the hoses fits perfectly into the speed sensor hole. One plus is that a half twist of the cap cuts off the oil to the hose. If I recall, it was less than $5.


I miss my red RT bncry.gif



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Jim VonBaden

I use a graduated bottle with an angled head from a beauty supply place. It holds just the right amound, is flaxable, and has a pointed tip the perfect size and angle for the FD.





And the new FD with the drain plug at the bottom still fills through the sensor hole.


Jim cool.gif

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